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Pedro AMOS

“Flutter” - 60 x 48 inches , Acrylic on canvas – 2021

“Flutter” - 60 x 48 inches , Acrylic on canvas – 2021

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"Flutter" - 60 x 48" inches, mixed media on canvas – 2021 

Remember feelig when you found a potential partner that seems to be too good to be true?  an interesting , Feelings of new love and interpersonal connection is the intention. The glossy red background exemplifies passion. Bold pastel colors float around in a “head in the clouds” arrangement. The intention is to coexist in bliss... that is all. Harmony. Gently beginning to take shape with one another… the shapes share and morph. This piece highlights raw, human desire, and a modern day intricacies between new couples – “Viva la diferencia!”

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