Pedro AMOS

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Pedro AMOS
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Pedro AMOS Galeria


AMOS has partnered with a wide variety of industries, ranging from healthcare corporations to professional sports leagues, financial firms, and luxury brands.

We LOVE great communication, collaborations and long walks on the beach. Want to really get us going? Let us facilitate your vision with an unconventional and unforgettable creative solution... that works.

Apart from traditional art, Pedro AMOS is an pioneer in creating accessibility to public art. He's specialized in:

  • Public Art Curating & Logistics
  • Art-vertisement (mural painted for purposes of marketing & advertisement)
  • Team Building Events
  • Art Design - commercial & residential
  • Art Consulting - Private Collector - Scenic Background TV/Film
  • Live Painting - Festivals - Events
  • Graffiti Classes & Education
  • Artist Talks