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       Pedro AMOS is a Miami native with a deep passion for all things creative. He officially began his graffiti career in 1994 and has worked tirelessly to build his legacy ever since. 

  As a professional artist, AMOS has applied decades of his traditional graffiti and combined it with unorthodox painting techniques. With gratuitous use of a pop-fauvist color palette, AMOS has established an unmistakable style.

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Passion for adventure & creating has been the motivation for Pedro's travels in the last decade. In the name of art, he's left his mark in Taipei, Medellin, Montreal, Amsterdam, Thessaloniki, Milan, Copenhagen, Havana, Barcelona, Bangkok, NYC, Malmo…



Pedro AMOS Galeria, opened its doors December of 2021. The Galeria is located in Little River, Miami and showcases AMOS’ diverse collection of

"fine art". The Galeria hosts a variety of events and is dedicated to art education by way of artist talks and graffiti classes. 

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Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide, is the ONLY artist owned and operated tour company in Wynwood. Founded and established January of 2016 by Pedro AMOS, the company prides itself in communicating the authentic voice of the artist. MBGG educates guests about the history & importance of public art. Miami's Best Graffiti Guide provides daily Graffiti Classes as well as VIP Golf Cart Tours and walking 

tours. Couples, families, corporate companies have all participated in this unique experience and the feedback is unanimously positive. 

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In 2017, AMOS accepted the role of co-Art Director for Basel House Mural Festival. He held position 4 consecutive years. Annually, during Art Week Miami in December, AMOS and team organized a week long Street Art Festival in the heart of Wynwood. He curated over 5 square blocks of public murals with 50+ international artists. AMOS choose the artists and placed them within the footprint of the festival grounds. He took immense pride in sourcing local and international talent. He revelled in the honor of decorating the streets of his home city. Basel House was widely considered the largest and most popular mural festival. 



 In addition to those for profit endeavours, Pedro founded Public Service Arts in 2023. It's an artist led initiative highlighting the importance of the arts. By fostering creativity and providing access to public art, PSA aims to inspire underserved neighborhoods to establish a cross cultural language. PSA promotes the power of artistic expression by painting public murals, hosting free workshops & leadership panel discussions in communities with little resources. AMOS hopes this will revitalize these forgotten neighborhoods. The initiative also focuses on creating the means for children to  express themselves in a positive way.