The power of Public Art brings a new era of creative collaborations between artists and big brands. Boring billboards, TV and bus bench ads are dated marketing avenues. 
Pedro AMOS is a one stop shop, from concept to completion. He sources high impact walls for marketing and promotional campaigns using  a vast network of property owners, developers and urban planners. Creatively AMOS translates the your marketing initiative into a hand painted advertisement, disguised as work of art. 
With over 20 years of professional marketing/advertisement experience and 30 years of unsolicited, gorilla marketing, via graffiti, look no further. AMOS designs, paints or builds, on-brand artwork for the purpose of advertisements. We've coined this type of marketing, "Art-vertisements", and they serve to introduce brands to new demographics and  broader audience. The use of public art to brand build, is a proven platform. 

Jordan Brand

Abbott Laboratories