As companies begin to realize the power of Public Art, we're beginning a new era of creative collaborations between artists and big brands. 
Boring billboards, TV and bus bench ads are dated avenues of advertisement.
Pedro AMOS designs AND paints on-brand murals. This method of brand awareness which we've coined, "Art-vertisements" are very unique and memorable. Public Murals are a proven vehicle for promoting companies and their products. Art-vertisements, by default also serve to introduce a new demographic to your brand, as they are public in the streets to be seen by all.
From an company perspective, we've noticed an increase use of these ads for employee onboarding. These urban art ads have been used to show new hires how progressive a company is. It also serves as branding as the art can be used in commercials, newsletters, etc. Bottom line, this use of public expression to brand build, highlight a new line, product, service etc, is proven effective. Simultaneously, your company will be supporting the arts... and earning a lil street cred. to boot. 
Pedro AMOS uses his artistic experience and his vast network of property owners, developers, urban planners to execute the clients vision via murals.
Pedro AMOS is a one stop shop that sources high impact walls for marketing and promotional campaigns. From A-Z, we come up with concept and design AND paint. We handle the many logistics and source walls anywhere in the world. AMOS attains permits, if needed, and we're insured. With over 20 years of professional marketing/ advertisement experience and almost 30 years of unsolicited, gorilla marketing, don't waste your time looking anywhere else.